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Gilles Deleuze    
according to Leibniz, the soul has two fundamental faculties: conscious apperception which is therefore composed of minute unconscious perceptions, and what he calls /appetition/, appetite, desire. And we are composed of desires and perceptions. Moreover, appetition is conscious appetite. If global perceptions are made up of an infinity of minute perceptions, appetitions or gross appetites are made up of an infinity of minute appetitions. /I am hungry,/ it’s really a global outcome, what he called a global sensation. He uses his concepts: global hunger and minute specific hungers. He said that hunger as a global phenomenon is a statistical effect. Of what is hunger composed as a global substance? Of thousands of minute hungers: salt hunger, protein substance hunger, grease hunger, mineral salts hunger, etc. . . . When I say, /I’m hungry,/ I am literally undertaking, says Turro, the integral or the integration of these thousands of minute specific hungers..... The carnivore does not eat proteins, it eats something it saw, without seeing the proteins. The problem of instinct on the simplest level is: how does one explain that animals eat more or less anything that suits them? In fact, animals eat during a meal the quantity of fat, of salt, of proteins necessary for the balance of their internal milieu. And their internal milieu is what? It’s the milieu of all the minute perceptions and minute appetitions.

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