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Gilles Deleuze    
2+2=4 occurs in all time and in all places. Thus, there are grounds to distinguish truths of essence from truths of existence.The truth of the proposition /Caesar crossed the Rubicon/ is not the same type as 2+2=4. And yet, by virtue of the principles we saw the last time, no less for truths of existence than for truths of essence, the predicate must be in the subject and included in the notion of the subject; included therefore for all eternity in the notion of the subject, including for all eternity that Adam will sin in a particular place at a particular time. This is a truth of existence.....The /sinner/ must be contained in the individual notion of Adam, just look: if the sinner is contained in the individual notion of Adam, it's the entire world that is contained in the individual notion of Adam, if we follow the causes back and if we track down the effects, as it's the entire world, you understand, that the proposition /Adam sinned/ must be an analytical proposition, only in that case, the analysis is infinite. The analysis extends to infinity.

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